Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary!!!

So, I actually started this Post on May 19th, the day of my anniversary, but..... LIFE HAPPENED! Better late than never. 

On this glorious day, May 19th, 5 years ago, the Heavens Rumbled and the Angels sang, as Amber and Mike Thornton were joined together in Holy Matrimony! 

Okay, I am exaggerating a bit. But on this day 5 years ago, my eye's, heart, and soul, wouldn't have told you any different. And honestly, it still feels the very same way. 

I remember the night before crawling into bed with my mom (I am not one known to do this) because my stomach was in knots and my soul was restless. The anticipation of a new life before me was much too overwhelming. The heavens were coming into alignment and I knew it was going to be a supernatural day, as I knew the Lord had destined this day even before the foundations of the earth. 

So in honor of my anniversary, I would like to honor the Man of my dreams. As I strolled through Target in search of an anniversary gift I knew not one thing in that store would satisfy the soul of my Man. "Toys" have never been a desire of his. And that is one of the reasons why I love Him oh so much. 

And then it came to me, and accolade would appease him much more than the latest gadget. 

So.... Mike, I would like to take this moment and proclaim through the internet waves, the 10 things I love about you! (I thought about doing 5 since it's our 5th, but you deserve more!) 

So here it is.... 

  1. Your Love with the Lover of our Souls. Although your quite handsome, the deep richness of Jesus that permeates out of your very being attracted me to you, as I choked on my doughnut (inside joke). 
  2. Your commitment, not just too me, but too Him. Nothing has ever rattled your relationship with the Lord. Even when things seem unstable, I know I can trust that you hear HIS VOICE, and that is the most comforting thing!
  3. Your desire to Please HIM! (Okay, I know these are all about Jesus, but I think that says a lot about you!) In all circumstances, you desire to do His Will, and I admire that!
  4. Your ability to love me on my ugliest days. No matter my mishaps, you strive to bring Joy to my most un-prettyiest moments. 
  5. Your the best DADDY in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD! And I am willing to bet everything I own on that! We have three little girls for a reason! God knew you would love them as He loves them. Girls are special and it takes a special man to love them! :-)
  6. You care about the little things in life, which are really the BIG things. For example, you take the time to write LONG love notes in our anniversary cards. A girl loves these things.... don't we ladies?
  7. You step up and do the un-pretty things, like changing poopy diapers, bathing the girls, etc. Most men consider that below them, but you do it in pride and exuberance! and for that I am greatly thankful. You truly are a partner in this thing called "life".
  8. I love how you love your family (Brandy, Mom & Dad). I know this sounds redundant, but I am meaning your immediate family. Your loyalty to them is encouraging. Your faithfulness is breath taking. I can't wait to hear the amazing things these girls are going to brag about when it comes to their Daddy, when they get older. You are setting such an amazing example for them.
  9. Your passion and zeal for life is CONTAGIOUS! I love how you LOVE LIFE! It's the main reason I married you. Before I married you, I was so tired of "depressing people" and the redundant every day life. Walking this Journey with you leaves me excited and anticipating the NEXT BIG THING with God! I live for that!
  10. Lastly, but surely not least. Your presence in my life has brought so much healing. God knew I needed you! You've taught me that it's okay to cry. It's okay to be excited. It's okay to move forward in life, not forgetting the past, but being healed from it. Thank you for being that supportive husband that propels me into my Destiny with God. 


Here is a throw back.... Feels like just yesterday... My love has deepened so much for you. 

For our actual anniversary we spent 12 hours at Bush Gardens, ALONE! AHHMazing! I've not uploaded those pics yet, so thats gonna be a whole different post. :-) 

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  1. I am speechless....How do you respond to something like that? Amber, all I can say...I love u so much!!!! And I feel like I am the blessed one because "you chose me!!!" You know I was getting choked up reading this. (LOL) I also remembered feeling like I have been with you forever. Even though its only been 5 years of marriage, feel like its been 20 or 30. There is NO ONE I would rather be with then you!!!!
    Thank you so much for loving me for me!!!
    Your Preacha!