Monday, May 14, 2012

Momma Day Love

This mother's day was full of contentment for me this year. My three baby girls are all I want, and all I need (besides Jesus and my "Preacha"). I honestly can't imagine my life without them. What better way to introduce myself as a blogger, than showing you the loves that make my clock tick.

Here we go.

Introducing my oldest and she is proud of it, "Sissy"... 

My middle child who plays that role fantastically. It's amazing how children know these things. You all will know her as, "Sweet Cheeks".  

And my youngest. I could have 10 more of her. This little lady could eat you with her eyes. Introducing, "Little Momma"...

And last, but certainly not least. My Prince Charming! My Romeo! My Hero! My Superman! Okay, y'all get the picture! LOL. The love of my life, "The Preacha" (he asked for this pen name and if you have ever met him, you would agree that it fits him well.) 

We recently graduated with our Master Degree's together! Certainly just as good as our Wedding Day! At least it felt just as good.

And you didn't think I would post without a family pic did you?
And incase you were wondering my fabulous friend and photographer Shauna did these photos for us. 

The purpose of this blog is too bring you moments of my life! I plan for this blog to be multi-faceted, although dominated by many, many, recipes. Some posts will be sweet moments of my days as a Stay at Home Mom but the majority will be of Recipes! I want to try them, share them, and let you know if their worthy of your skillet. 

Honestly, I am predominately made up of spontaneity. Schedules don't like me. So I can plan recipes, recipes, recipes, and this blog would consist of babies, babies, babies. See where I am going with this? So my goal is too give you both. Who doesn't like pictures of cuteness while reviewing recipes. :-) 

P.S. I have an obsession with the Pioneer Woman. Don't say I didn't warn you. 

My Mother's Day Roses. I. Love. Him.

The end.

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