Thursday, January 3, 2013

Chronicles of Homeschooling!

Wanted to post an update on some homeschooling.

I will be honest, I am not as "scheduled" as I should be concerning school, so one of my New Year Resolutions consisted of a more scheduled day with my girls and school being a intricate part of it. I guess I am trying to hold myself more accountable, if that is even possible.

To help me in this process I have forced my face off of facebook and well, I am attempting to reprioritize my life. (Less internet, more diligent with wifely/motherly duties)

What better time to do this than the New Year! :-) The stress of life can some times be overwhelming and I think shifting our focus to the things that really matter (God and Family) can only result in good things. :-)

SO, with all that said (or typed) that brings me to my actual post! HOME SCHOOL! YAY!

For Christmas she got a Hooked on Phonics "Learn to Read Kit" that she (Ahhheem, her Momma) really wanted. If you can remember in a previous post I was pretty excited about the "100 Easy Lessons To Teach Your Child To Read." Yeah that was great at first, but she really got bored with it. HOP has a lot more pictures, etc. and keeps it fun! We both love it and its not a drag at all!

HOP does say to watch a video with it after every lesson, and I will say we do NOT do this because, its just not a priority. I may put it on a different time of the day for all the little ones to watch, but it may not be right before or after we complete the lesson.

Anyways, here are some pictures from our lesson tonight...

She is really excellent at writing her name and we are working on writing lower case letters! (Another reason I love HOP because they focus on both upper case and lower case)

 I did the first line and she practiced underneath. Man, loving this easel for school!

 We also do a math worksheet every day with our lesson. This one cut out the squares and she matched them with the corresponding numbers. I believe I bought the workbook on clearance for a DOLLAR at a local teacher store. SCORE!
You also see her practicing more with writing her upper and lower case "A". 

The HOP workbook had her color a upper and lower case A, but I am attempting to preserve the workbook somehow for her younger siblings, so I just drew my own bubble letters and she colored them. 
No, I am not an artist! LOL

P.S. Calling on some homeschooling Momma's help... My girl is excellent at letter sounds, etc. so some of this does seem redundant (except for the writing) but I am afraid to jump the gun because I want to make sure she has a good foundation before I venture off to the K(4-6) kit for HOP. Any help and suggestions would be great! 

Below is a just a little bonus I am throwing in there for ya! The girls got a princess castle for Christmas and well, the Princesses insisted they sleep in their castle and I just couldn't say no. :-)

Peace, Love, and Blessings abound as we all begin 2013!!

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