Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Productive Morning

Are my days so unproductive that when I do have a productive morning I feel the urge to blog about it?
"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say or do may be used against you in a court of law."


Anyways! Check out all these fun things we did this morning! LOL 

First we had school... (And the crowd goes wild! raaaaaaaaaa...)
 Abigail worked on tracing her letters. She's getting better. :-)

 I found this nifty worksheet on Confessions of a Homeschooler, as well as the one above that Abigail is tracing. This one is an Assessment to see how much your kiddos know from all those letters you've been drilling in their brain. 
Here I am calling out a lowercase letter and Jordan has to mark it with an x.

 I laminated it so we can reuse it for practice and so her darling sisters can be drilled on it as well. So after we were done recognizing our lowercase letters I then decided to work on some phonics. So here I am just saying the sound of a letter and she is coloring in the letter that sound makes. 

Here are some more worksheets. These are also Confessions of a Homeschooler. (Free printables by the way) She did this one on her own. She had to discover which item began with the corresponding letter sound. :-) 
(I like this job. I can give orders and then watch. lol)

While we did school this one played in the closet. 
Then played peek-a-boo with Abigail (who is now in the closet). The tracing doesn't last long. 

This is for the moms out there beginning Homeschooling like I am. I recently got this bin for six dollars to organize everything I am printing and laminating. Some of you pro's are probably saying, DUH! LOL But seriously I am just now figuring this out. I love it because I am not a lesson plan kind of Gal, well not now anyways. I know this will all change as Jordan gets older and we hit more structured schooling. But for now I just pull out a worksheet and we do it! Clean it and put it back. Not much effort on my part and its ready to go when Jordan has the sudden desire to be scholastic! 

While in our Nursery/School Room/Office (yes it has that many roles), Mommy was day dreaming as Jordan worked diligently, and we discovered a nest in the tree right outside our window. YAY! #morelearningfun, #spurofthemoment, 
#yesIwouldcallthiseducational, #thatswhathomeschoolingisallabout! and #hashtagsletmeformincompletesentencesandavoidspaces and #youhavetoworktoreadthem LOL
(P.S. I know hashtags are usually used for twitter, but I go against the grain, LOL)

Mean while, while my kids are diligently teaching themselves (just kidding) I decided to put dinner in the crockpot. I know this is a food blog after all, and well, there not much up here about food! LOL So here it is. I do ask that you refrain from making obsence guesses on what this is. 
You'll only make us all sick. 
Instead, I shall inform you.
It's a Pork Roast that I defrosted the night before, sprinkled a little Red Pepper Flake, Garlic, Onions on the bottom, some Balsamic Vinegar, and I then pour Root Beer in the Crock Pot. Cook on low for 6-7 hours. Walaa.. 
I will shred this with two forks for the pulled pork effect.
You can thank me later. :-) 
P.S.S. I just realized I have a lot of pork recipes on here. 
I promise you we only eat it about once a month! LOL

Sorry there is no finale picture as it is still cooking. 

I even took it a step further, I know, I know, I outdid myself when I made these! Completely NOT from Scratch but poured vigorously out of a box! Thank you Trader Joes for these Pumpkin Muffins! :-) 

Jordan was having a friend over for a tea party, thus the muffins. So here is a picture from her little shin dig. I must say, it was LOTS of fun!

So that was our fun day/morning! Hope you had a great day too, 
at least outside in the 70 degree weather! 

Disclaimer: These results are not typical....

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