Thursday, August 30, 2012

A little announcement....

I can't believe I am typing this....

But I am... 

I am grateful... Oh so grateful...

Shocked? Absolutely!

But see, I trust God can see a way Bigger Plan than I could ever see.... 

So here it is folks.... 

Do you  need a closer look??


Yes, that's a positive... a little faint because of lighting and it's a dollar tree test! LOL But it was certainly there!!

Since I had taken the test after Mike went to bed, I decided Scripture to greet him the next morning with his coffee would be a great way to let him in on my little secret.

 Here in the bottom note card you can see I am letting him in on another secret. See a few weeks before I took the test, a lady at one of our weekly Love Feast prayer meetings Prophesied over me, saying... "The Fruit of Your Womb is Blessed." I was kinda hoping she meant the children in the flesh already. But it's just proof and reassurance too me that God's got this! WE CAN TRUST HIM and HIS Perfect Plan!!

This is the little note I left for Mike.... 

It stated "Enjoy your Coffee as you Ponder the Goodness of our Lord!" 


SO yes! Here we go again! Baby Number four is on it's way (scheduled to arrive late April)... Shocked? Yes, we are too, but so thankful for the gift of Life! 

God is soooooo GOOOD! 

And we are excited to be growing our family once again!! 



  1. Congratulations Girl! Im so happy for you and your family. God is SO good!

  2. Amen! So excited for you!!! Love you! <3

  3. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful to share the news!!! Oh how I love you guys!! So excited for your 3 precious ones who will surely smother that 4th with love and kisses!!!